We’re still confirming the days and times of the Scheduled track, but here’s the details we’ve got so far.  Keep checking this page as the event nears for more details about the sessions.

Javier Ruiz (ORG) – PRISM and Mass Surveillance: a turning point

Mass Internet surveillance is now an undisputed fact. The Snowden revelations show that we face unaccountable indiscriminate surveillance of Internet users on a global scale. The attack on privacy has potentially devastating implications for our understanding of democracy and a global open Internet. This talk is for anyone who cares about ”technology, hacking and fun” on why you should get involved in the campaign to stop the surveillance state.

Barney Brown – Inside the Intercontinental Music Lab

How a group of friends fell into online collaborative song writing, creative commons, and the benefits of piracy to accidentally go double platinum. The IML have been writing, recording and giving away music since 2008. With over 100 songs and 40 members of the band spread across multiple continents, they’ve entertained thousands, and made £70. A romp through 5 years of creativity and technical challenges with one of the group’s founding fathers Barney Brown.

FreakyClown – How I rob banks and why YOU should be scared

Following his excellent Image Forensics talk at OggCamp in 2011, FreakyClown will be speaking about cyber security.

The speaker has requested that while photos are allowed, no video or audio should be recorded during this talk.

Alison Chaiken – Developing Automotive Linux

Linux developers play a major role in bringing forth the surprisingly near-term technology of autonomous vehicles. The talk will present lessons from a few years of work on vehicular SW and make the case that automotive software will have an outsized societal impact. Imminent decisions by government and private industry will influence how long-running problems like privacy and security play out in this new space. What code is important in automotive Linux, and what’s it like to work on it? What are the opportunities for software developers and EE’s, and where might a newb get started?

Alison Chaiken has worked as an automotive software developer for 3 years, starting with MeeGo-IVI at Nokia, continuing as a contractor, and then joining Mentor Embedded Software Division. She is the organizer of the Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source Group and rides bicycles in any time that is somehow left over.

Gary Smailes – Open Publishing

For hundreds of years the most effective way to spread an idea has been by writing a good book! The Bible, Mein Kampf, Rich Dad, Poor Dad – take your pick. Great books can communicate great ideas, in the process changing the way people act and the society in which we live.

Recent technological changes have seen the power shifting from publishers to writers. The publishing world has gone digital, but few technologists outside the publishing industry seem to have taken note. This talk is a call to arms!

Only by grasping control of the process can we create the tools that will free the publishing process to create the BEST books, not the books publishers feel will sell best.

Lightning Talks

This year the main stage will play host to a half-hour session of 5-minute lightning talks.  Sign-up details will be given on the day.

Live Podcast

The hosts of The Ubuntu Podcast and Dan from Linux Outlaws will record a podcast in front of the live OggCamp audience (no quiz this year, sorry!) Fab cannot make it over from Germany this time, sorry :(


We’ll have all sorts of swag to raffle off, with all proceeds going to cover the costs of the event. As usual, we’ll be drawing the raffle and awarding the prizes live on the main stage, with lots of running up and down stairs!