On Friday night we will gather at Camp & Furnace from 6pm for food and drinks. They have an event called Food Slam on with 7 different food vendors. It’s a massive warehouse with indoor heating and plenty of space. Look out for reserved OggCamp benches.

Camp and Furnace
67 Greenland St
Liverpool L1 0BY
0151 708 2890


The Entroware Stage Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
10:00 Doors Open / Registration
10:30-11:00 Welcome session
11:00-12:00 Gurbir Singh: The New Space Race… Mars! Unconference Unconference Unconference
12:00-13:00 Unconference
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Unconference Unconference Unconference Unconference
15:00-15:30 Lightning Talks
15:30-16:00 Set Up
16:00-17:00 The Podcasters’ Panel

On Saturday night we have a private party at Constellations which is right by Camp & Furnace from 6:30 to 9pm. After that they have a Halloween gig on from 10pm, you are welcome to say although you may need to buy tickets for £15. If German Techo isn’t your thing (how could it not be?) you’re welcome to explore the wealth of pubs and clubs Liverpool city centre (5min walk) has to offer with groups of fellow OggCampers! It’ll be rocking for Halloween weekend.

37-39 Greenland St
Liverpool L1 0BS
0151 345 6302


The Entroware Stage Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
10:30-11:00 Welcome Back
11:00-12:00 Barry Getty: Open Sourcing Underwater Exploration Unconference Unconference Unconference
12:00-13:00 Matthew Hughes: Life’s A Pitch
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Unconference Unconference Unconference Unconference
15:00-16:00 Raffle & Closing

On Sunday we’ll find somewhere suitable for the stragglers to gather and drown their sorrows at the passing of another OggCamp.  We’ll let you know more on the day!


Gurbir Singh – The New Space Race… Mars!

Astronomer, author and podcaster Gurbir Singh makes the perilous trip down the M62 to tell us about Mars exploration. He’ll be reviewing the history of our studies into the red planet and also looking into the future. Now that water has been discovered on Mars could it spark a whole new space race? Will Matt Damon get involved? Will he science the shit out of it?! These are the questions we need answers to.

Gurbir presents the AstroTalkUK podcast and has written a book called “Yuri Gagarin in London and Manchester. A smile that changed the world?”. You can find all this and more at his website –

He has a strong interest in Open Source software and when not looking up to the skies Gurbir can occasionally be tempted into talking about cloud computing so he’ll fit right in at OggCamp.

Also look him up on Twitter: @GurbirSingh

Barry Getty – Open Sourcing Underwater Exploration

Barry is an adventurer, explorer and maker based in Liverpool. Founder of the Dark Water Foundation C.I.C. and Open Floats. He’ll be telling us about the current state of open source / citizen underwater exploration, recent exciting expeditions, what’s on the horizon and how to get involved.

He is the designer of Bob, the open source sensor platform and winner of the The BLUE: Ocean Conservation Fellowship Grant, also creator of the Lego ROV educational underwater robotics kit.

Matthew Hughes – Life’s A Pitch

Matthew is a technology journalist based in Merseyside. You can find his work at amongst other places. As you can imagine he gets tons of email pitching all kinds of whacky products and begging for publicity. In this talk he’ll share some of the funniest and strangest pitches he’s received. They’re not all Kickstarter campaigns for non-existent products… not all of them, just some.

Have a look at his latest articles here

Also find him on Twitter: @matthewhughes

Lightning Talks

This year the main stage will play host to a half-hour session of 5-minute lightning talks.  Sign-up details will be given on the day.

Podcasters’ Panel

This year Joe Ressington of Linux Luddites will be returning to the OggCamp stage and this time it’s personal… OK it’s not personal but he will host of a panel discussion featuring faces and voices from the free culture podcasting community.