Sold Out? That’s right, all off the tickets we’ve allocated have been taken! Don’t despair – you’re welcome to turn up on the day without a ticket. However, the talks are likely to get very full up, so we wont be able to guarantee there’ll be room in all the talks you’d like to see.

WHY THE DONATION THING THIS YEAR? Good question. Well, putting on an event this size costs money and while we try to cover everything from sponsorship every penny we can get in helps. Nobody gets paid to work on OggCamp and all money received will go directly to improving the experience for everyone. DO I HAVE TO PAY? No of course you don’t! Every ticket will look the same and this is a *strictly voluntary* endeavour. There are no tiers of importance for ticketing, everyone will be treated the same. If you want to chip in a donation great, if you don’t or can’t afford it we totally understand and nobody should feel under any pressure. We just want you to come along and be a part of it.

Please note that the rooms for the talks are various sizes, and may not be able to fit all attendees.  All sessions are first-come-first-served, so if you want to make sure you get a seat for a particular talk, get there early!

You can also add yourself to the Lanyrd page for OggCamp 13, which is a great way to see who else is coming, what talks are planned and find out other information about the event.